January Card Challenge

Have you ever been part of a fan club? I personally don’t think it is the people with thousands of fans who need our encouragement, it’s our neighbors. Our words and actions can bless people.

For the month of January let’s encourage people! Each day we can choose a different person to cheer. Send a handwritten note or card as a tangible reminder.

Writing 31 cards or notes will take time and will help us get in the habit of encouraging people. I believe it will be a great experience for you and your family. Would you like ideas? Below, you can find some ideas for both you and for your child about whom to send a card to.

January Card Challenge:

Write notes to encourage and cheer for 31 different people for the month of January.



Cheer 31 people in January

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Where to Find Cards or Stationery

Sending out 31 cards or notes requires a lot of stationery.  This will require minimal funds if you pay attention to price tags. At stores like the Dollar Tree, cards are often two for a dollar. Cards, especially those that come in packs, can be inexpensive. A simple piece of paper with your words and some doodles can do the trick as well.

If you become a member of LifeAndLearning365.com you will have access to a member’s only page with six printable cards and a stationery sheet. These are all free.

What does becoming a member mean?

1. You’ll have access to free downloads only available to members. The first is the set of six printable cards and a stationery sheet.

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