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The January Card Challenge: Pen-uary

What is Pen-uary?

Pen-uary is challenge to encourage 31 different people in January.

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Cheer 31 people in January

After the holidays, January can feel cold and lonely. The sky will be grey, which affects moods. The word penury actually means poverty. All of us have been in a position of need. Let’s grab our pens and write encouraging notes this January!

The list of ideas is not meant to be a limit, but a jumping point. For example, maybe you don’t know someone who makes movies for a profession, but I’m sure you know someone who enjoys making movies with their friends. There are extra ideas listed as well. Please enjoy using this calendar as a reminder to use your mighty pen to bless others! You never know how your note might encourage someone!

Writing 31 cards or notes will take time and will help us get in the habit of encouraging people. I believe it will be a great experience for you and your family. Would you like ideas? Below, you can find some ideas for both you and for your child about whom to send a card to.

January Card Challenge:

Write notes to encourage and cheer for 31 different people for the month of January.

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Where to Find Cards or Stationery

Sending out 31 cards or notes requires a lot of stationery. At stores like the Dollar Tree, cards are often two for a dollar. Cards, especially those that come in packs, can be inexpensive. A piece of paper with your words and some doodles will be encouraging.


In 2022, I made 5 cards and a sheet of stationery for you to print and use for free. Each card is available here for you to download and enjoy!  People say it is important to have freebies, but make sure people sign up for your newsletter in order to receive them. Well, I don't think anyone needs extra emails in their inbox. So we will skip that step. : ) With that said, my one request is that you not say you created the images, a logo for is also on the printed cards. 

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January Card
Challenge 2022

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Pen-uary 2023 Card Challenge Calendar
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