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Learning: Tools and Ideas

Inexpensive activities and tools for families

This section is dedicated to sharing tools and ideas to help children with learning. Fun activities and discussion starters will be stored here.


As a teacher for the past twelve years, I have been blessed with tools others have shared with me and I’m glad to pass some ideas along to you. Enjoy!

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Christmas Project Ideas and Templates

If you would like to spend some time making a project with older children, why not try one of these? I wanted my students to enjoy some time relaxing (rather than stressing over exams) before Christmas. I made these scroll saw patterns and then provided a wooden cutout for each student. They sanded and painted their own decoration. The students were encouraged to pull out the movable parts and paint only the fronts and the backs, so that the pieces could slide back into the rest of the project easily. Click to read more on how to do these crafts and find free design templates below!

One of the best parts of doing this project with your family is the natural conversation that can flower from it. If you are looking for some conversation starters, here are a few ideas.

What are three things you love about Christmas? Why?

What are three of your favorite parts of the Christmas story? Why?

How could I help you focus on Jesus this Christmas?

How do we help kids stay positive?

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