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How to Create a Fabric Nativity

Here is a fabric alternative to the projects I previously shared templates for, in case you do not have a scroll saw or would prefer not to work with wood. I believe the best part of creating a project like this will be the conversations that come because of it. There are a few conversation starters and free templates on my “Learning: Tools and Ideas” page.

You Will Need:

- Small pieces of fabric of various types. I recommend using scraps from previous projects, or recycled fabric. If you don’t have those options, resale shops often have very inexpensive fabric for sale or fabric stores might have scraps of fabric from the ends of rolls for a less expensive price.

- a larger piece of fabric (plan for at least 7” wide and 10” high; in the example mine is 7” x 15”)

- a template (I have provided free templates on my website)

- scissors (fabric scissors are great, but a good pair of regular scissors will work)

- an iron (in case your fabric is wrinkled)

- straight pins

- glue (I recommend using a craft glue)

- a dowel rod (at least 9” long)

- yarn or thread (at least 1’ long)

How to Create the Fabric Nativity:

1. Print the template provided.

2. Cut out the template pieces.

3. Select which fabric piece you will use for each part of the scene. Use the paper cutouts to help you decide.

4. Iron each fabric piece you will be using.

5. Pin the paper cutouts onto the backside of the fabric and trace it (tracing onto the back of the fabric allows you to keep the side you want free of markings). Hint: When tracing the background, you do not need to outline the characters and star. Those details will be their own pieces of fabric and will be placed on top of it.

6. Cut out the fabric using the outlines you made.

7. Arrange the fabric cutouts the way you would like.

8. Glue each cutout to the background.

9. Glue the whole nativity scene to the larger piece of fabric.

10. Let dry.

11. Fold an inch of fabric from the top over to the back and glue it in place with a small line of glue at the edge of the fold, creating a space for the dowel rod to slide in.

12. Let dry.

13. Slide the dowel into the space you created.

14. Tie the string to each end of the dowel.

15. Hang on wall.

I hope you enjoy conversations along the way and those that follow!

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

~ Isaiah 9:6 (ESV)



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