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Kids On A Mission Devotional 1 - One Car, Many Parts, One Purpose

Kids On A Mission is a new to LifeAndLearning365. My intention is to share a child-friendly version of the devotionals that are already on our website.

If you'd like a printable version of this devotional, which includes three car coloring pages with Bible verses, please download the file.

Kids On A Mission. Devo 1. Many Parts One Purpose. LifeAndLearning365
Download PDF • 75.14MB

Today's Mission: Work together for God.

What kind of cars do you like? Why? What sounds do cars make? Some cars are very fast!

A car has many parts. What are some parts of a car?

The engine is where the power of the car comes from. What if the steering wheel said, “Because I’m not an engine, I do not belong to the car,” It wouldn’t for that reason, stop being part of the car! The brakes make the car stop. If one of the tires said, “Because I’m not a brake, I am not part of the car,” it wouldn’t for that reason stop being part of the car!

The engine can’t say to the tires, “I don’t need you!” the steering wheel can’t say to the brake, “I don’t need you!” All of the parts, even the bolts that hold things together, are really important.

In the Bible, God’s Word, it says that the Church is made up of many parts (God’s people) and we all have a job to do!

“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” I Corinthians 12:12 NIV

All of us have a job to do (that’s called a purpose). When we work together, we can do it!

We have different gifts (things we are good at) so we need to do them for God.



If you'd like to receive the free coloring pages of three different cards along with a printable version of this devotional for your family, please use the link below.

Kids On A Mission. Devo 1. Many Parts One Purpose. LifeAndLearning365
Download PDF • 75.14MB

Mission Review:

Today we learned that we work together for God!

Call Out*

Every part is needed in God’s family.

Let’s Talk to God Together (pray):

Dear God, thank you for loving me and for giving me a purpose (a job to do). Help me to do my part in your family. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Do you want to learn more?

Check out I Corinthians 12:18-20 and Romans 12:3-8.

Questions to Think About:

When have you felt like your job wasn’t important? Who helped you remember you are an important part in God’s family?

How can you help others remember they have an important job to do?


Note to Parents:

I recommend using different voices for the different parts of the car. That playful part of the lesson will make it more memorable. When you read that passage in the Bible, try it that way as well! Let your young reader try making different voices as well. Get back to the purpose by reviewing the mission and the call out.  

Coloring sheets:

Enjoy the coloring sheets found after this devotional. As you and your children color, share with them the skills and talents you’ve noticed in them. Every person has a purpose and as your child’s first and most important teacher, they need to hear you remind them often that God has a calling on their life! Remember that the Lord has given you the beautiful responsibility of teaching your child about Him (Deuteronomy 6). You are doing amazing work!

*A call out is a fun way to engage children. The leader says the first part, the children say the second part. It is best to repeat this several times. These statements can be used later on as well! While you and your family are driving in the car, doing the dishes, or cleaning, call outs can help families remember what they have been studying in devotions.


Looking for a more detailed version of this devotional? It is aimed at car lovers who may be kids at heart but enjoy a little more substance.


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