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Reusing Cards

Cards are a beautiful greeting. My grandmothers used to hang their Christmas cards in their homes. I enjoyed seeing what loved ones mailed to them. Pictures and written memories were the best part of any card. What does your family do with holiday cards?


What will you do with the cards after Christmas is over? Here are two ideas!

Idea 1: Save the front of the card to decorate Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!

1. Choose a card

2. Cut apart the card at the fold

3. Save the note from your loved one, store the cover of the card for next year’s collection week

4. In November, fill a shoebox with items for a girl or boy in need. Items can include things like toys, washcloths, a toothbrush, backpack, and soap.

5. Tape or glue the card front inside the shoebox cover. You can write a kind note to the boy or girl who will receive it! Pray for the child you are sending the gifts to.

6. Give your filled shoebox to a participating church or organization near you.

Do you have more cards that you don’t know what to do with? Try this simple project!

Idea 2: Make a small gift box.

(The directions are for a box that is half and inch deep. For a deeper box, adjust the measurements in the instructions to 1 ½ inches.)

You will need:

- a card

- a pencil

- scissors

- a ruler

- tape

1. Select a card

2. Carefully cut the front and back apart

3. Mark 1 inch from each side of the back of the card (or 1 ½ in)

4. Draw lines to connect the dots so that you have a rectangle 1 inch (or 1 ½ in) all the way around the card

5. Fold the edge of the card so that it touches the line you drew (do this for all four sides)

Tip: because cards are thick, you may want to use a tool such as ruler to help you make crisp folds

6. Unfold all sides

7. From each of the short edges of the rectangle, cut a tab (when you cut, the tabs will be parallel to the long sides)

8. Refold the short ends and tuck the tabs into each end, folding the long sides as you do

9. If someone wrote you a personal note, you could use a piece of paper to cover up their note (or use cardstock for the bottom, and save the note in a scrapbook)

10. Repeat steps 4 – 9 for the top of the card (which will become the lid of the box)

11. Tape the lid so it does not unfold. Put the tape on the inside of the lid so that it is not visible from the outside. You can also do this for the base of the box.

12. Fill your box with a gift from someone or use it to organize small items, such as paperclips or barrettes.

Tip: Cards are different so you may want to measure to see where the picture will be on the lid of the box. Adjust the measurements accordingly.


What does your family like to do with cards after Christmas or another holiday? Why?


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