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Art Project for Kids: One Point Perspective

Let’s not forget art class! Sometimes the visual arts are forgotten, but let’s not miss the opportunity to be creative with the kids right now.

Here’s an art project that only requires a piece of paper, pencil, ruler and an eraser. It is a fun lesson in one-point perspective!

1. Begin by having your child write his or her name in bubble letters.

2. Draw a small dot on the paper several inches above or below the name.

3. Use the ruler to draw a line from the corners of each letter to the dot you drew.

4. Choose the thickness of the letters and mark this.

5. Erase extra lines.

6. Choose a light source. Add shadows.

That’s it!

What makes the letters look like they are dimensional? It is the one point perspective you’re your child used by making all of the shapes go to one place.


What else could you have your child draw using one-point perspective?



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