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Calligraphy without a Calligraphy Pen

Susan gave me a set of calligraphy pens, nibs, and ink.

This was years ago. I decided to pull them out of the box. This Christmas my sister gave me an online beginner’s calligraphy class. I’ve been using the tools. The tiniest nib has been my favorite to use. It becomes so wide with pressure.

Yesterday, I gave that nib too much pressure!

It broke and a point went flying. Ink splattered. Though I’m disappointed, I realized I have a lot to learn from this beyond applying the proper pressure to the pen. A calligraphy pen’s nib has the unique ability to carry ink at varying thicknesses. Though I could dip the broken nib not the inkwell again, it will no longer be able to expand and make the thick strokes I enjoy. Unity is required in this lovely tool.

We believe in a triune God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are One. The Trinity is distinct and One.

John 14:23-26 speaks of each person of the Trinity.

God calls his Church to unity. The Bible is flooded with this fact. The purpose isn’t unity for unity’s sake; rather, it is unity in and for Christ. In Romans 15:9 the Gentiles and Israelites together sing praise to God. Romans 12:4-8 speaks of the way we, in Christ, form one body, each having different gifts. I Corinthians 12 tells of how deeply we need the other members of the body. As we’ve already seen, Ephesians emphasizes this. Ephesians 4:1-6 reminds us that we have one Lord, one faith, one baptism. We are to be humble and love.

Without ink a pen is useless. A pen without ink is pointless. I hope that made you smile.

Ink without a pen is messy. I could, of course, dip my finger into the ink. I would end up with sloppy art on the page.

Writing takes precision.

The love of Christ is clear. John 15:12-13 speaks of true love. We don’t accidentally lay down our lives for our friends.

Jesus didn’t accidentally come to earth and unintentionally become the sacrifice for you and me. No other sacrifice could be enough.

He deliberately gave Himself for us.

It was precise.

Love is precise. It is deliberate. A husband chooses to love his wife. Accidental “love” is not real love. We get lost in the “love” stories shown on movies and shows. There is a love letter written for us to read and every drop of it is true.

Ink is required. Imagine a child turns in her homework sheet. When her teacher questions why none of the answers are written, the child explains, “I did write every answer! I just didn’t have ink!” Would the child receive credit? Should we receive credit when we go through the motions of faith?

I Corinthians 13 cuts deeply. Without love “good” things we do are like a clanging cymbal.

Love is required. Imagine a Christian finishing her life and meeting Jesus. When questioned about life, she explains, “I did everything you asked! I gave money. I spoke at events. I know all about the Bible."

Faith without works is dead. We love because Christ first loved us. If we love Him, we will obey his commandments. When the Spirit lives within us, His love pours out of us. We speak the truth because He is true. We serve in love because God loves.

James 2:26 “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.” (ESV)

Calligraphy without a calligraphy pen’s nib doesn’t work. I’m disappointed that I broke the calligraphy nib yesterday.

I’m grateful for the reminder that faith and love are visible and deliberate, like ink on the page.

“ I had much to write to you, but I would rather not write with pen and ink. I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face.” III John 1:13-14 (ESV)

A Prayer

Dear God,

Thank You for the work of Jesus on the cross. Thank You for forgiving my sin. Thank You for reminding me that I am part of the Body of Christ. Please write the story of Your love with my life. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

Questions to Ponder

Why do unity and love matter so much to God?

A broken nib on my calligraphy pen pointed me back to the Bible. What simple reminders of God’s character and His Word have you been given lately?



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