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Latin Conjugation Game

This game is great practice for conjugating. Latin is a rich language. Through a verb alone one knows not only the tense, but whether it is in first, second, or third person and if it is singular or plural.

After we studied Latin verbs, my elementary students were able to quickly practice conjugation while playing this game. The textbook we used, Latin for Children: Primer A, was published by Classical Academic Press (

My friend Michelle showed me a game using dice to help children practice English grammar. That led to the idea for this game.

Latin Conjugation Game

Number of Players: 1 – 4

Tools Needed:




Directions for the Latin Conjugation Game

Background knowledge of Latin verbs


Step 1: Each player chooses a verb and writes it in its four principal parts.

Step 2: The first player rolls the die three (3) times, recording information as shown below in order to parse the verb. Use the instructions below to determine the person, number and tense of the verb you will write.

Step 3: Using information from the rolls, the first player writes the Latin word and its meaning in English.

Step 4: Other players check to see if the first player is correct, if so, player 1 earns five (5) points and the score keeper records this. There is no penalty for being incorrect.

Step 5: Continue steps so that each player has several turns.

Roll 1: Person

Number Rolled and Meaning

1 or 2 = 1st Person

3 or 4 = 2nd Person

5 or 6 = 3rd Person

Roll 2: Number


Odd Number = singular

Even Number = plural

Roll 3: Tense

Number Rolled and Meaning

1 or 2 = Present

3 or 4 = Imperfect

5 or 6 = Future

Sample: My verb may be amo, amare, amavi, amatum.

Roll 1 was a 3, roll 2 was a 5, and roll 3 was a 1.

Based on this, I would parse the verb: 2/S/Pr (2nd Person, Singular, Present)

Then I would write: amas: you love

If I am correct, I earn 5 points. If I am incorrect, I do not earn any points.

What type of games do you use to help review and practice concepts your children are studying?

Would you like a print friendly copy of the game? Please find it in the free downloads section:



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